Author: Newsletter Team


Being that September is known for Labor Day, I had a thought to prepare an excerpt exhorting laborers- but oh how my heart is heavy. As I lay here, in the late night hours, I am flooded with thoughts of forgiveness, His judgments, His grace and His mercy.  The enemy wants us to withhold forgiveness […]

Time Flies

As we get older time “flies” by.  It seems like yesterday that we were getting married, our children were born, or some other special occasion happened. Children can not wait to start school and grow up. Then all of a “sudden” they are graduating high school or college and have become adults. Ok, so where is […]

Happy Mothers Day

We, the human race, all have something in common. Any guesses?? If you said, “a mother”, then you are correct. Whether good or bad, we all have/had a mother – one that gave us life through birth. Sometimes situations happen and the mother changes…. either by adoption, fostering, guardianship, or by love.Mother’s come in all […]